Technical Analysis

Our services here cover the full spectrum of light studies, from comprehensive right to light concerns through to specific areas such as façade analysis, solar glare and transient shadow studies. In addition we provide analysis in regard to BRE guidelines and BREEAM sustainability assessments.

Right to Light Analysis

Right to light, also known as rights of light, is one of our most popular services. We project manage it from start to finish, using a network of trained and experienced sub-contractors we’ve worked with over many years. As well as photography and surveying, we can also provide 3D modelling of a project and deliver it any format.

If you don’t have in-house resources for technical analysis, we also offer technical analysis for right to light. Please note that we provide analysis rather than advice – if you require the latter, there are experts we can recommend.

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Benefits of our right to light analysis

  • Calculated using the industry approved Waldram method.
  • We can undertake all elements of the technical process.
  • Every aspect is managed by us
  • By scanning first, often some internal information can help guide room layouts for neighbours
  • Results can be presented in a variety of ways to help understand the risk
  • Presentation format tailored to your requirements

Daylight and Sunlight Analysis

We are regularly asked by property developers, architects, planners and local planning authorities to provide daylighting and sun-lighting analysis which meets BRE guidelines. Especially as many UK local authorities follow their recommendations when deciding whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

As well as calculating VSC,APSH and daylight distribution, we can measure sunshine in gardens and other outside spaces, in addition to solar dazzle from solar panels, glazing or cladding.
Our technical daylight and sunlight expertise, plus our position as one of the UK’s leading software consultancies for right to light, set us apart and make us a natural choice.

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Benefits of our Daylight and Sunlight Analysis

  • Fully meets BRE guidelines
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Accurate and detailed
  • individual windows or by facade

Internal Daylight Self Tests

The benefits of having adequate light are being increasingly appreciated. However, the means to achieve them in new builds are being squeezed, with the pressure on space and the desire for open-plan layouts as well as balconies. So Internal daylight assessments are more than ever a vital part of any design. As well as our proven software, we can provide expert technical analysis for architects and others who may not have sufficient internal resources, together with expert training.

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Benefits of Internal Daylight Self Tests

  • Fully meets BRE guidelines
  • Results can be visualised in 3d
  • Formula driven ADF output

Reflected Light and Radiance-Based Studies

We analyse all surfaces within the building concerned and on neighbouring buildings to see how much and what quality of light they allow in. Our comprehensive analysis covers all aspects of Radiance. That includes measuring not just angles and times of day but all other factors, including the effect of different materials, such as fritted glass. As with all our services, we offer a unique combination of proven, intuitive software and expert analysis. We can also provide in-depth training and workshops.

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Benefits of Reflected Light and Radiance-Based Studies

  • The most accurate way to analyse light
  • Can cope with complex scenarios where more simple methods fail
  • Using industry recognised software  “Radiance”
  • complete control of presentation