MBS Floor Plans

MBS Floor Plans software delivers intelligent real-time graphical capture of all the elements required for the production of scale drawings of floor plans. You can input spatial data directly from a reflector-less total station onto a tablet or hand-held Bluetooth laser measuring device, or manually from a steel tape.

The software shows misclosure on site so you can immediately see where control measurements are needed for accuracy. You can also choose a wide variety of measurement methods depending on the building or personal preference. You can collect intelligent data at the same time and attach it in the form of user-defined attributes to allow for detailed analysis in third party software.

Benefits of using MBS Floor Plans

  • Collect all the measurement and other data you need in a single visit
  • Accurate, real-time displays of room distribution and overall layout
  • Flexible measuring techniques

Building Surveyors, Architects, Land Surveyors

MBS software replaces earlier, inefficient processes with fast, efficient software for architects, building surveyors, land surveyors, sustainability consultants and other professionals. The data is easy to generate and analyse, and, above all, highly accurate. It offers flexibility in collecting and inputting the data and allows for easy analysis, adjustment and re-analysis.

  • Reduce time making sketches and notes
  • No need for multiple site visits
  • Fast, accurate and easy to use

MBS RXS Hydrographic Software

RXS Tools, Hydrographic Software is a complete river cross-section solution for Land and Hydrographic Surveyors. It’s used as a tool for the production of data for flood defence management and channel maintenance in the form of reports and plotted CAD data.

Running within the AutoCAD® environment, it allows complete processing of field data into finished cross-section and long-section CAD drawing files. Location photos can be linked in, and the software uses a single sectional model throughout, allowing exports in various formats for use by the Environment Agency and Hydrographic Modellers.

Benefits of using MBS RXS Hydrographic Software

  • Outputs to EACSDF and all major hydraulic modelling software packages
  • Fast automatic generation of sections to sheet layouts
  • Accurate updates of long-section from cross-section data
  • Flexible data input via GPS, total stations, staff or tape

Building Surveyors, Architects, Land Surveyors

RXS imports coded cross section data collected in the field and creates a 3d sections in their true locations.
The sections are then edited in 2d but in their true 3d location. maintaining the section data as a model enables automatic output of the longsection.

Output to all the major hydrographic software packages are supported including the Environment Agencies EACSD format.

  • Automatic Long section generation
  • Sections exported to sheets
  • Exports to EACSD, HECRAS and River Modeller
  • Works inside AutoCAD