3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning is the process of collecting 3D points which through their density represent a “point cloud”.  This can then be manipulated and enhanced to produce 3D models or exported to 2D drawings.

We offer this highly specific service in consultation with leading specialists in this field. You will benefit from a full 3D real-time data capture solution suitable for highly detailed work, or within areas which need rapid data collection such as hazardous environments.

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Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

  • Fast, accurate and consistent
  • Saves money and reduces time needed in the field
  • Greater clarity and reduced risk of project complications
  • Measurable and shareable datasets
  • Ideal for both retrofits and new builds
  • Application-ready for MBS software solutions

3D CAD Modelling

Our in-house CAD department can provide a full 3D CAD modelling service, using collated survey data to produce models of buildings or land in various formats.

You can then use these formats for a number of purposes such as a design base or a Daylight / Sunlight study. They can also be processed further into 3D visualisations and ‘fly-throughs’ capable of being navigated by the end user. Our team has extensive experience in AutoCAD® and SketchUp® as well as knowledge of other leading 3D applications such as Revit, MicroStation, Vectorworks and ArchiCAD.

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Benefits of 3D CAD Modelling

  • Greater speed and far more accuracy than 2D drawings
  • Increased precision and control, reducing the risk of expensive mistakes
  • Extra scenario visualisation helps validate plans and eliminate potential design problems
  • Reduced time on design, allowing more focus on execution
  • More sustainable and flexible than paper-based approaches
  • Application-ready for MBS software solutions