Most frequently asked questions

Why does the MBS toolbar doesn't appear after installation?

  • In some cases, it may remain disabled after installation. Go to View-Toolbars menu and Tick MBS Daylight Toolbar to enable it.
  • The commands can also be accessed Extenssions – MBS Daylight Tool menu.
  • If both options are not visible, Check if the mbsTool extension is disabled on Extension Manager.

How do I name the Groups?

  • Group names need to be precisely “Existing”,”Proposed”,”Surrounding”.
  • Each “Existing”,”Proposed”,”Surrounding” group must be the main group on its own and not be nested inside any other groups.

How do I fix "Group could not be loaded" error?

  • Check the Group names are correct.
  • Check the Groups are not hidden on Outliner.
  • Make sure the Groups exist according to the Analysis Type on Project Tab on Settings.
    • Neighbour Analysis requires both Existing and Proposed groups.
    • Proposed Scheme Analysis requires Proposed group.
    • If the model consists of Proposed Scheme only, Change the Analysis Type to Proposed Scheme on Project Tab on Settings.

How do I reset my IDs to start at 1?

  • First you will need to delete all the current window markers
  • Select “Window” then “Model info” from the menu then Statistics
  • Finally click on “Purge Unused”

How can I change the height of the result texts?

  • Select “Window” then “Model info” from the menu then “Text”
  • Finally click on Fonts Button on Leader Text Section
  • The text scale better on the Size by Height option
  • The results texts will chanage after the calculation is re-run

Why do all the traffic light icons look same color after running calculations?

  • The “Color by layer” may have been ticked.
  • Untick the option on Layers Tray then Details (Small arrow on the right side of the tray)

How to use the Renumber option?

Steps to Renumber Windows:

  • Select the windows you want to renumber and click on Renumber button (R).
    Although windows from various floor and buildings can be renumbered in the same session of renumbering, it may be simpler to select all windows in one floor of a building at one time.
  • Enter Building Name, Floor Name, Window Name and Starting Window Number, Select the windows you want to renumber and click on Renumber Selected.
  • The selected windows will be renumbered. Click on Save to update changes on Sketchup.
  •  The windows are renumbered in the order they are selected.

Renumber multiple floors in one session:

  • Select only the windows of one floor and Click Renumber Selected
  • Now select the windows of another floor, Change floor name and Click Renumber Selected
  • Then Click Save
  • Windows from multiple buildings can also be renumbered on same session using the same steps.

Renumber to particular order:

  • Click the windows using Ctrl button. The first window clicked will get the starting window number.
  • On the Renumber multiple floors image below, Windows with Ids 9,7,6 were clicked in that order to be assigned the window number W1, W2 and W 3.

Common mistakes:

  • The Building Name, Floor Name, Window Name doesn’t allow characters such as ‘<‘, ‘>’, ‘^’, ‘\”‘, ‘:’, ‘?’, ‘*’, ‘|’, ‘;’, ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘&’, ‘_’ .
  • Renumbering can be undone until Save is Clicked. Click on Reset button to set the window names back to their original names.
  • Duplicate names are not allowed. In case of warning for duplicates, highest possible window name will be shown as a hint.

Renumber Single Floor

Renumber Multiple Floors