This topic covers the Floorplans tools that have different or specific functionality for use with total stations including:

  • Fillet Wall Tool
  • Symbols
  • Beams
  • Spot Levels

The lessons in this topic assume a total station is connected to Floorplans, a station setup has been conducted and rooms exist ready to add features to. For lessons on these procedures with a total station refer to Topic 4: Total Station Setup and Wall Measurement Operations.

Lesson 1: Fillet Wall Tool: Computing a hidden corner from total station observations

Note that there are 5 tools in the Fillet Wall Tool menu, the first 4 are covered under this topic the fifth tool; Extend to wall which is not total station specific is covered in Topic 9 – Lesson 1.

Lesson 2: Adding Symbols (including stairs) using a total station.

Lesson 3: Adding Beams using a total station.

Lesson 4: Adding Spot Levels with a total station.


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