MBS Floor Plans software is setup to enable the establishment of internal control if required; for example to establish a new control point from existing control or previously measured detail and to orientate a total station to existing control to enable the internal measurement of a building.

As such you can run a traverse and make a check back to the start but a traverse cannot be adjusted.

If survey control points exist they can be imported and if a survey setup is established from control points it is likely a room has not been started so the lessons follow this order:

Lesson 1: Importing a Control Station File

Lesson 2: Total Station Setup from Established Control Points

Lesson 3: Total Station Setup from Station Resection

Lesson 4: Total Station Room Measurement, including starting a room from a measured point with the Total Station

Note: Lesson 4 shows the complete room measurement with a total station, however a total station measures the wall angles exactly, it does not assume they are at 90° if they look square, as when using DISTO measurements, so the misclosure computed is most likely to be the difference in your total station aiming between the first and last point measured. Because of this it is recommended the last or first wall is measured using a DISTO not the Total Station to ensure there is a true closure check on the room.

If there is no internal control, station setup can be established from room detail already established or initial room detail can be established with a DISTO or tape from which a total station resection can be conducted. For this the use of incomplete rooms and their continuation is required so the lessons follow this order:

Lesson 5: Stopping and Continuing an Incomplete Room

Lesson 6: Total Station Setup from Wall Resection

Lesson 7: Total Station Setup from 2 Point Resection


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