Acad Waldram Tools Setup.exe * Must run this file by Right clicking and
Selecting Run as Administrator to ensure required dependencies are installed correctly.

Remember to Select Add radiance to the System PATH for all users during Radiance installation.
Refer to the Installation Instructions Pdf for step by step instruction.

Report Viewer**, Radiance*** Packages are included in the installation.
** Report Viewer is needed for Report Preview and Export.
***Radiance is needed for DF and Climate based calculation (including when running on GPU).

Report Viewer Setup Files

To be used when updating to latest Version from Version 4.0 Or if the initial installation failed to install it correctly.

Please install Setup 1 (SQLSysClrTypes.msi) first followed by Setup 2 (ReportViewer.msi)

* If left click doesn’t start the download, Please right click the link and Click Save Link As.
You may also need to click on the small arrow next to Discard button on the bottom of the browser and Click Keep

Revit Waldram Tools Setup.exe  * Must run this file by Right clicking the file and
Selecting Run as Administrator to ensure required dependencies are installed correctly.

Remember to Select Add radiance to the System PATH for all users during Radiance installation.
Refer to the Installation Instructions Pdf for step by step instruction.

Refer to the Installation Instruction pdf for step by step instruction.
Report Viewer**, Radiance*** Packages are included in the installation.

** Report Viewer is needed for Report Preview and Export.
***Radiance is needed for DF and Climate based calculation (including when running on GPU).

* If left click doesn’t start the download, Please right click the link and Click Save Link As.
You may also need to click on the small arrow next to Discard button on the bottom of the browser and Click Keep

Dwonload and install Radiance from this link: Radiance Version 5.2 Installer

Please Make sure to select “Add Radiance to the system PATH for All Users” option during installation, as in the bellow image.

After the installation, copy wxfalsecolor.exe , falsecolor2.exephisto.exe and dcglare.exe to Radiance installation bin folder:

“C:\Program Files\Radiance\bin”

Fix for PATH TOO LONG ... WARNING during the Radiance Installation

  • The warning is caused due to the Path System variable being too long.
  • The installation is successful but the path needs a manual fix.
  • The fix is to manually add the radiance install folder to the environment variables
  • Search for Edit the System Environment Variables on Windows Search bar
  • Press Environment Variables button
  • Find the Path entry on the System variables list
  • Edit and add C:\Program Files\Radiance\bin to the end of the list
  • Add a new entry for RAYPATH with C:\Program Files\Radiance\lib;.
  • Press Ok. Ok
  • open command prompt and type oconv 
    (Should get the below message if the path is set correctly)

*Release 18.11.2022

1. Added option to change loss/gain colour on Amenity image results.
2. Added option to export rgb values for legend colours via legend export dialog.
3. Added legend for more room calculations when using image results.
4. Improvement on legend images to reduce empty space around the legend keys.
5. Added options on Calculation dialog Tools menu to Export/Import Group Information in order to compare with another revision of the model.
6. Added Cancel button to stop conversion.

1. Bug fix for Amenity and SE calculation not completing on the new Windows 11 22H2 update.

*Release 01.09.2022

1. New Median values for BS EN and EN 17037 SDA and DF calculations.
2. Changes to round BS EN and EN 17037 point DF and SDA values.
3. Changed the large coordinate model threshold from 100000 to 10000.
4. Fix for SpinWindows command to work for horizontal polylines.
5. Added gain columns on VSC, APSH and DD summary sheets.
6. Added CreateInternalLayers command.

1. Bug fix for White material bug causing a empty gap on GPU waldram diagrams.
2. Fix for floor filter to automatically include missing Building names.
3. Fix to check for Windows with duplicate ids during conversion.
4. Fix to allow updating rooms with windows from different floors which have same name.

*Release 09.06.2022

1. New Room VSC columns in the default daylight & sunlight excel sheet.
2. New Sunlight Exposure Summary and Room VSC Summary excel outputs.
3. New option to add SE window labels.
4. New option to show SE calculation points(Label dialog room rab).
5. New option to apply (not apply) minimum solar altitude for SE (Option in Project settings Climate Daylight Tab).
6. New option to specify separate offset from wall in a project based on the regulation.
7. Linked BS En17037 and En17037 DF target lux to the corresponding SDA target lux. (Used to be fixed values based on room types).

1. Fix to log material list before running df and climate calculations.
2. Fix to check Radiance installation (needed for climate file conversion) before running SDA and other climate calculations on GPU.

*Release 09.06.2022

1. Added new PlanCityExport command to export model groups and VSC results for Plan City imports.
2. Improvement to VSC, APSH facade csv to add BRE meets criteria column.
3. Improvement to combine results of facade groups run together onto a single csv report.

1. Bug fix for transient shadow test to correctly create shadow for hours closer to sunrise and sunset. Only affected version to

*Release 13.05.2022

1. Bug fix for GPU Amenity calculation bug affecting grid points with exactly 120 min sun.
2. Bug fix to calculate SC for secondary glazing windows attached to rooms correctly.

*Release 03.05.2022

1. Added support for Tree material for VSC, APSH and ADF calculations in GPU.

1. Bug fix for GPU transient shadow render when rendering multiple hours.
2. Bug fix for GPU falsecolor image render when using Path tracing option.
3. Bug fix for GPU falsecolor image render when changing sky resolution.
4. Fix to save last saved camera on GPU render dialog.
5. Bug fix for APSH facade results to appear in correct place in large coordinate models.
6. Fix to remove mushroom effect on glare calculation.
7. Fix for header to come correctly when changing exposure in CPU render dialog.
8. Fix for intermittent issue on raster image result creation.
9. Fix for APSH of rooflight window to plot the sun dot correctly on south facing waldram diagram.
10. Fix for GPU non-gradient falsecolor render to use the correct legend colours.

*Release 22.03.2022

1. Changes to view report to show mixed layers seen percentage.
2. Added support for mouse wheel zoom in/out for GPU render.

1. Bug fix to ignore back face of windows which causes a window glazing to be visible from another window in the same room.
2. Bug fix to avoid room mesh method freezing on rare cases.

*Release 11.03.2022

1. Added new entry for registered windows on GPU layer list to allow them to be hidden.
2. New option to add header image for GPU shadow render.
3. Changes to Radiance and GPU calculations to improve consistency on re-runs.
4. Renamed BREEAM SDA calculation to be BREEAM DI calculation.
5. New option to change ROL/DD loss/gain colour on texture result image via the legend dialog.
6. Added new option to allow zoom in/out with mouse wheel on GPU render dialog.
7. Added new layer toolbar icon to freeze both rol and dd contours.
8. Added Amenity calculation option on GPU.

1. Various bug fixes for GPU calculations.
2. Fix to check if the windows are in group before room calculations.
3. Fix to round angles around 270 (W) and 90 (E) degrees to avoid confusion on North facing windows.

Changes to results
All Pass values and Ratios are rounded to 2 decimal places using the MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero rule.
The pass/fail outcome can be different in rare edge case scenarios.
For example ADF value of 1.996 used to be treated as fail for required adf of 2. It will now be rounded as 2.00 which will be a pass.
1.994 will be rounded to 1.99 so the outcome will remain the same as before.
Similarly, a SDA area of 49.5% will now be rounded as 50%. So the outcome will change from fail to pass for pass value of 50%.
49.4% will be rounded to 49% so the outcome will remain the same as before.

No changes to ROL, DD, APSH, SE calculations

1. ADF: Room ADF value is rounded to 2 decimal places.
2. VSC is Rounded to 2 decimal place. So 26.996 will be 27.00, 26.994 will be 26.99.
3. Amenity: Amenity Ratio in neighbour report and Proposed to amenity area ratio in self test report are rounded to 2 decimal places since version 4.1
but label was showing full precision values.
The ratios are now rounded on labels too. The Proposed to amenity area ratio in neighbour report is also rounded to 2 decimal places now.
4. SDA: SDA area is rounded to 2 decimal place for all regulations.
5. DF: DF area for all regulations and Uniformity for BREEAM are rounded to 2 decimal places.
6. SGA: SGA and Target Value rounded to 2 decimal places.
7. UDI: UDIa, Min UDI & Space % are rounded to 2 decimal places.
8. ASE: ASE % of area is rounded to 2 decimal places.
9. View: Horizontal sight angle, outside distance and layers seen and % of area are rounded to 2 decimal places.

*Release 06.10.2020

1. Fix to align room mesh grid points with the room layout instead of with the project orientation.
2. Improvements to DF, SDA and View excel reports. Added Building summary for DF and SDA excel reports.
3. Added new option to create SDA bs_en lux settings from current room types.
4. Added option to highlight registered facades and update the mesh length.
5. Change to SDA BREEAM calculations. Calculating achieved hours for required lux by comparing to average lux on each hour.
Calculating Worst lit point achieved hours by comparing the lowest lux on each hour to the WLP req lux.
6. Fix to show common and unique sunlight hour count for windows in the same room for SE waldram diagrams.

1. Fix for odd character error on radiance extra octree conversion.

*Release 06.09.2020

1. New GPU based calculation for ROL/DD/VSC/APSH/DF/SDA/ASE…
2. New GPU based Render dialogue
3. New option to calculate DF for EN13037 and British Annex EN13037.
4. New command to copy registered rooms/windows from one floor of a building to another floor.
5. New option to add all ModelGroups as new tasks in Run dialog. Useful when running multiple facade groups together.
6. New option to register balcony glazings as secondary window so that VSC, APSH, ADF calculations can include them without applying custom materials.
7. New option to fix room-window link for broken links or copy pasted rooms and windows.
8. Support for registration of sloped Rooms and Amenity polylines. Calculation height is taken based on the first vertex point so caution should be taken to avoid the calculation points going beyond floor/ceiling.
9. Added extra columns to default APSH report to show the criteria responsible for the pass.
10. Added a comprehensive list of Radiance Materials
11. New command to draw SUNPATH for Windows or Amenities.
12. New option to create Raster Image for visualisation of Room results (ROL/DD/DF/SDA)
13. Veiling Luminance calculation for Annual Potential Glare
14. Merging of Project and Settings dialogue
15. New command (MbsMaterial) and toolbar option to open material setting.
16. New command (MbsLegends) and toolbar option to open legend colour setting.
17. Fix to save all the Project info such as Building, Floor, Room Type and Property types within the Autocad model.
18. New option in Render dialog settings to run Transient shadow for all equinox and solictice dates in one go.
19. New option in Render dialog settings to override Proposed/Existing Group colour for Transient shadow without modifying the main material settings.
20. New option in Facade Register select to ignore faces by orientation.
21. Added csv report outputs for vsc, apsh and amenity facade calculations.
22. Fix to enable offset from wall for BREEAM DF and SDA calculations.

Bug Fixes
1. Improvements to insert building block option to keep the block inside the polyline if it is L or U shaped.
2. Fix to ignore direct glare from sun on potential glare csv.
3. Fix to turn off bounces for Solar calculation.
4. Fix to save SE waldram diagrams with result value in Hours.

*Release 11.02.2022

Bug Fixes
1. Bug fix on room APSH result for rooms with multiple windows to count higher value if a common dot is behind tranparent object. It was causing the room total to come lower than the highest sun dot total of the windows in some cases.
2. Fix to show decimal places waldram diagram and csv report if apsh values have them due to transparent object.

*Release 09.12.2021

Bug Fixes
1. Minor fixes on ADF label of rooflights to come correctly when re-running

*Release 08.11.2021

Bug Fixes
1. Minor fixes on some bespoke VSC and APSH reports

*Release 29.09.2021

1. Fix to include MBS solid results in conversion so that they can be shown for rendering. They must not be included when running any calculations.

*Release 30.06.2021

Bug Fixes
1. Bug fix for BRE ADF to include window reflectance in room average surfac reflectance
2. Added option for BRE ADF to include window reflectance in room average surfac reflectance.

*Release 18.05.2021

Bug Fixes
1. Bug fix on CSV Room ADF values
2. Bug fix on material mapping for XRef layers

*Release 22.10.2020

1. Added optional feature to generate combined VSC, DD and APSH report as per Islington Council requirement. Contact for details on how to unlock the feature.

*Release 08.06.2020

Bug Fixes
1. Bug fix to not purge room/window layers afer unregistering as the purge method incorrectly deletes the layer leaving the polylines without a layer.

*Release 08.06.2020

1. Changes to default excel report file names to be in the format of <Project No.>-<Project Name>-“Analysis Type”.xlsx
2. New option to hide some warning dialogs in future
3. New Defaults button in Project settings dialog to reset values from the template in appdata folder

Bug Fixes
1. Fix to improve speed of room/window updates
2. Minor fixes for bugs in new release

*Release 05.03.2020

1. Improvements to material settings to allow re-run after updating materials without re-converting the model.
2. New option to define custom materials on Project settings.
3. Changes to perform model conversion within Autocad instead of on a separate service.
4. New option to show plan view of converted model for QA.
5. Support for transparent Trees for VSC, APSH/WPSH, ADF and Radiance based calculations.
6. Support for ThinGlass e.g. for balcony for VSC, APSH/WPSH and ADF.
7. New option to analyse View Out calculations.
8. New option to allow back to back Rendering of Proposed and Existing Groups in single run.
9. New option to allow user to change colour when creating room type layers for registration.
10. Improvements to DrawRoomGridPnts command to allow choice of grid points of rol, dd, df or view calculations.
11. Option to easily set equinox dates for transient shadow test.
12. Option to set colors for room_polylines_roomType layers.
13. Saving Shift Coordinates for models in large coordinate system with the model to avoid using different coordinates when model is copied to another folder without the relevant txt file.
14. New EFZ summary sheet with default ROL excel report summarizing EFZ totals by building name.
15. New option to add group name to the default report file name.
16. Support for grid files bigger than 2GB size when running calculations.
17. Option to render direct Sun path on the potential glare image

Bug Fixes
1. Fix to improve time taken to clear results from calculation dialogue.
2. Fix to remove need for classicgroup’s existence for room registration.
3. Fix for run and report scripts to work with new calculation types.
4. Fix to automatically include glazing multiplier and convert diffuse to normal incidence transmittance for raytracing based(DF & CBDM) calculation.

Changes on UI
1. Project Settings – Results tab is renamed as Assessments Criteria.
2. Settings – Legend – Gradient tab shows calculations on a list instead of a grid.
3. Cutback dialog’s re-create diagram option is removed. Subtract from proposed option should be ticked to remove cutback objects from model and re-run and it should be unticked to just create the cutback objects.
4. Render dialog has option to choose Radiance or Path tracing. No need to go to Settings-Raytracing tab now.
5. Help option on dialogs is now replaced with links to FAQ and Tutorial pages on MBS website.

*Release 06.11.2019

1. New option to filter room type combination group by Building name, Attribute and Property type.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix to sort rooms correctly when they have windows from different floor.
2. Fix to apply ignore north face rule to neighbouring APSH facade calculation.
3. Fix to show warning when text files don’t have enough entries which can cause the report to come out of order.

*Release 07.10.2019


1. New Project setting option to specify Proposed or Neighbour Analysis. Proposed Analysis replaces self test mode on report.
2. Option to save offline license for dongle to minimize online validation
3. Zooming option for Cutback command
4. UK Annex for EN-17037 Standards
5. EFA Daylight Design Guide for UDI(Useful Daylight Illuminance) and SDA calculations
6. Option to exclude calculation points within the specified threshold from the room perimeter for Climate-Based Calculation
7. Option to remove virtual ground from images on Render dialogue
8. Support for background texture image to appear on rendered images(e.g. OS map on Transient Shadow image)
9. Support for Radiance BSDF material
10. Radiance Falsecolor program(Irradiance Color) on Render dialogue.
11. Radiance Stencil Daylight Factor image on Render dialogue.
12. VSC, APSH, DD and ADF Building summary spreadsheet for self test.
13. Option to sort report by room/window attribute.
14. Options to filter rooms which don’t have any windows and rooms which have moved/changed after registration.
15. Option to insert building details block for a selected building polyline.
16. Option to create Room_Polylines_RoomType layers for selected room types.
17. Option to create polyline layers required for register by model.
18. Option to create room group from South Facing windows in Register dialogue > RoomType Combination.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for VSC calc point on inclined windows.
2. Fix for dialogues to resize correctly on different Windows display scale option.
3. Fix for automatic update of adf label after calculation to split the window area and set MF correctly.
4. Fix for calc point insertion to not modify point size which used to cause Autocad to crash.
5. Fix to allow users to add new temporary values to room type and room/window attribute comboboxes without adding these values to text files.
6. Checking for unloaded xref files, isolated objects or empty ex,pr,surrounding groups on conversion process.
7. Fix to automatically add new window/room id during manual registration.

*Release 13.06.2019

1. Added support for Polygon mesh during converstion.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for default report adf summary.
2. Fix for room registration freezing occasionally.
3. Fix for vsc report showing windows in wrong order for rg group.
4. Fix for rol spot calculation showing zero value.
5. Fix for SDA EN17037 to exclude results within 0.5m of the room perimeter

*Release 03.05.2019

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for room update issue when room id contains dots.
2. Fix for AutoCreateProposedFromLayer option resetting intermittently.
3. Fix to make room register dialog to treat room types in case-insensitive way.

*Release 08.04.2019

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for autoamtic update notification on Run dialog.
2. Fix for incorrect Project settings error on first run after install.
3. Fix for radiance command failing due to log file being locked by Autocad.
4. Fix for group name combo boxes to adjust for longer group names.
5. Fix for APSH pass value not set to 25 on Project Settings. The bug only affected version

*Release 26.03.2019

1. Added MBSLicense and MBSUpdater commands for Autocad command line

Bug Fixes
1. Fix to handle special chars such as &, @ in file path for radiance conversion.
2. Fix to unmap radiance folder if network drive is mapped during conversion.
3. Fix for WPSH facade coming out of places.
4. Fix for Amenity calc. The bug only affected version

*Release 05.03.2019


Climate-based calculations

1. Implementation of EN17037 calculations *
o Spatial DA
o View
o Sunlight Exposure
o Glare DGP & Annual Glare DGP
2. Improvement on implementation of BREEAM Spatial DA
3. Added min df/adf req uniformity, room depth and view of sky criteria to BREEAM DF Test
4. 3D mesh representation for DF and climate based calculation results


1. Room Type Combination dialogue to create room groups by room types combination
Register dialogue > Tools > Create Groups > Room by
2. Improvement to Register by model to work with simpler building polylines.*
3. Option to combine Pre-Reg steps to simplify register by model
4. Improvement to Renumbering, Introducing partial floor renumbering for flats within a building. *
5. Option to keep RoomType.txt, PropertyType.txt, GlazingTransmittance.txt in custom location
6. Option to Import Settings from Drawing. Register dialogue>Tools>Import Settings from Drawing (Copies Waldram folder and all required files from selected drawing to current drawing).


1. “CutbackMBS” command to facilitate cutback
2. Rasterizing option is deprecated
3. Automatic detection for optimal grid cell size
4. Implementation of nested grids with adaptive cell dimensions according to model density.
This feature has speed up ROL/DD calculations.
5. Utility Commands for View Calculation (CalcShortestDistance, CalcHorizontalAngle, LayersSeen)
6. Option to change background sky image on Waldram diagram. The image must be located in: %appdata%\MBS Software\Waldram Tools\References\sky.jpg
7. Tools > Clear Results > Clear Texts to clear all result texts (df, sda, ase, amenity) in the model.
This improves orbiting speed in Autocad view.
8. Minimum Point DF result text value is highlighted with red on result mesh


1. Option to render RADIANCE images on Render dialogue
2. Interactive camera for Render dialogue
3. Walkthrough option for rendering
4. Potential Glare image and csv report
5. Ambient Occlusion is implemented as an option for shading mode.
6. Option for interactive rendering


1. BRE Non Gradient option for VSC, APSH facade analysis.
2. Facade Analysis support for Daylight Factor calculation.
3. Offset option for Facade Analysis.


1. Option to exclude window area from area weighted reflectance value for BRE Adf.
2. Option to manipulate window area to change Adf results live on the excel report.
3. Consistent rounding of results to 2 decimal places by default.
4. Summary Sheets for VSC, APSH, ADF and DD in default excel report.


1. Option to run Updater from any dialogue Menubar > Help > Updater
2. Improvements to floor filter, option to customize layer names using xml file
3. Option to see Dongle information from any dialogue Menubar > Help > About
The dongle is validated with online server once when any dialogue is open in new Autocad instance for the first time.
4. Fix to not overwrite existing UserSettings during update

Note: Reinstall of Waldram tools is necessary for updating to version 4.1. Upon re-installation, future updates can be downloaded without need for admin rights.
Updater can be open from the dialog (Autocad and mbs dos services still need to close before update)*

* See help document for detail.

Major Bug Fixes
1. Support for Red DESkey dongle
2. Fix to make room type names case-insensitive and to ignore duplicate names.
3. Fix on pop up message boxes hiding behind the main dialogue window.
4. Fix to make adf below area calculation faster for model with large no. of full height windows.
5. Fix to detect window/room name pattern during register by model. Previously, only the W1/R1 format was used when text file didn’t have enough entries.
6. Fix on direct sun vectors matrix for ASE calc.

*Release 24.09.2018


1. BRE Non Gradient option for VSC, APSH facade analysis
2. Option to specify offset for facade

Bug Fixes

1. Fix for index error after renumbering.
2. Fix to avoid autocad crash after error on SunAPSH command.
3. Fix to prevent pop up message box on register dialog to hide behind it.

*Release 08.06.2018


1. Support for DESkey red dongle

Bug Fixes

1. Fix on direct sun vectors matrix for ASE calc
2. Fix on Show pallete on Result form

*Release 15.05.2018

Bug Fixes
1. Fix on APSH horizontal windows on raycasting method
2. Fix on DF path tracing method.

*Release 12.04.2018

Bug Fixes
1. Fix on DF uniformity ratio test and an extra column in reports for (min df/adf req).
2. Fix on DF working plane height to be taken from DD(ROL was used before).
3. Fix on Rendering for camera Plan view

*Release 19.03.2018

1. Brought back images for APSH Raycasting calculation. Faster calculation method can be used by unticking Create Waldram Diagram option

Bug Fixes
1. Fix to reload settings when dialogs reload instead of autocad reload.
2. Fix for non-coplannar error on adf below area calculation caused by double precision error.
3. Fix to show all possible MF values when related values change.
4. Fix to not remember window/room id when switching tabs on register mode
5. Fix to show centre option on register dialog when it’s not visible

*Release 29.11.2017

1. Daylight Factor, Spatial Daylight autonomy and Annual Sunlight Exposure calculations and their corresponding reports.
2. Facade
– Facade analysis for Amenity and Solar radiation calculations.
– Non gradient option for Facade analysis.
– Display % of area for results option for facade analysis where result % is displayed on legend.
– Facade registration also supports regions and 2d polylines, Facades can be registered by Name.
3. Option to specify separate Maintenance factor for ADF windows.
4. Option to specify Room type via the polyline layer name during room registration.
5. Apsh calculation using weather data.
6. “New shadow only” option for Transient Shadow test.
7. Calculation Date and Version columns for CSV and Default Excel report.
8. Decimal places option for csv report.
9. Text and Font option on Settings dialog Colours tab (currently applied only for all Legends and glare test).
10. Help option can be used from any dialog which contains Tutorials and FAQ’s.
11. Deleting existing contours on loading out file via LoadResult dialogue.
12. Colour banding option for solid angle and cosine distribution on SkyScanner command.
13. Room/Window/Amenity file version is upgraded to

Bug Fixes
1. Alert if Run or Report dialog is not linked with the currently active drawing on Autocad
2. Fix to stop room selection permanently changing the layer colours.
3. Fix for calculating window below area in ADF for curved windows.
4. Fix on MBSRoomWatchdog error on AutoCAD versions <= 2014.
5. Fix on ADF calculation: not intersecting side windows that blocks the view.
6. Fix on ADF calculation coming zero if windows are within group.
7. Fix for window to room link being broken due to old runtime object being used during update.
8. Fix on Self intersecting routine on Room registration. The side effect is that any entity (window, room etc.) registration requires non-empty Existing or Proposed ClassicGroup.
9. Fix on MBSRoomWatchdog error on AutoCAD versions <= 2014

*Release 14.09.2017

1. Facade analysis for VSC, APSH calculations.
2. “Facade” command to show Register Facade dialogue
3. Facade video tutorial on MBS e-Learning website.
4. Support for Facade layers on FloorFilter command
5. Support for “All Users” to use the software through the same installation.
New installation and new Updater version required.
6. Software version 3.2 would not work with Updater versions prior to 3.3
7. Sky scanner and SunApsh outputs on specific layer.
Hemisphere radius for SunAPSH.
Shading for objects.
8. APSH room label option on Label dialogue.
9. Attribute column for all tables on MBS default self-test excel sheets
10. Window calculation points go to floor specific layers.
11. Changed the highlighting color back to red
12. Shading option for Raycasting images
13. Option in Task form to skip the XNB conversion.
14. Room/Window/Amenity file version is upgraded to 1.3.0
15. CSV columns remain unchanged.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix on consistency of outputs in labels and reports.
2. Fix for adf below area calculation when bottom of window is very close to the wp height
3. Fix for adf below area exception on Autocad 2018 for entities on large coordinate.
4. Fix to delete the RG_INJUCTABLE group if all room pass
5. Fix Selfintersect checking method on registering room

*Release 04.09.2017

1. Changes to csv filenames.
2. Highlighting all windows with rooms on update mode.
3. Fix for adf below area error on Autocad 2018.

*Release 14.08.2017

1. Option to delete labels from Label dialog
2. Option to always use current date on report. Can be set on ProjectSettings dialog.
3. Alert if Report or Run dialog is not linked to the active drawing on Autocad.
4. Showing if Use floor relfection option is used for a single room on Update mode

Bug Fixes
1. Fix to stop room layer colors being reset after selection on report or label dialog.
2. Fix for occasional errors caused by labels on room update after copy-paste rooms.
3. Fix for deleting duplicate windows from rooms.

*Release 31.07.2017

1. New command “HrSC” to calculate horizontal sc/sf values.
2. Group names on rol and summary csv sheets

*Release 06.07.2017

1. New column for window/floor name on csv summary

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for when average surface reflectance don’t match the average from individual values for ADF
2. Fix for false invalid results error on cloud

*Release 18.05.2017

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for APSH csv report when ignoring north facing windows.
2. Centre option column in csv report.

*Release 10.04.2017

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for ADF calc using SF method where window is split. The adf values for below area were not including below factor.
2. Fix for checking window results being invalid

*Release 5.04.2017

1. Improved presentation for SunApsh & SkyScanner commands

Bug Fixes
1. Fix for ADF calc where window is completely below wph

*Release 28.03.2017


1. New “SlopeWindows” command to check and fix windows which are inclined slightly.
2. New “SunAPSH” command for visual representation of APSH sun dots.
3. “Force ReRegister” button for when reregister is not automatically detected for room polyline changes or for rooms copied from another model.
4. Added checking for open room and window polylines during registration.
5. Added new columns for ADF on csv summary sheet

Bug Fixes

1. Fix for results going to wrong folder when new model is opened and run without closing report dialog.
2. Fix for APSH report to display rooms with common windows with correct address.
3. Fix for window label to be updated when linked room is updated.
4. Fix for registration by model with more than 1 sub polyline.
5. Fix for calculating window below area in ADF for curved windows.
6. Fix for projectdetails.xml compatibility between version 2 and 3.
7. Fix for register dialog settings compatibility between version 2 and 3.
8. Fix for intermittent issue on reregister not being recognised correctly.

*Release 27.1.2017


1.Split-Flux is available for all report providers. Extra “Method” column in ADF sheet shows the calculation method(BRE/SF).
2.Report dialogue Preview supports Self-test sheets.
3.ROL/DD Lables displays percentage of area instead of actual values
4.”FloorFilter” command replaces “MBS” command for Floor filter application coming with bug fixes and improvments.
5.New “CreateSectionLayers” command creates layers for sections in the format of BuildingName_FloorName_Plans_252.


1.Fix on room contour values being overwritten by N/A if Update Solid/Label is ticked on Settings.
2.Fix for room with all windows north facing to show N/A on Room APSH columns in default Excel report.
3.Fix on Image resolution settings on Settings dialogue

*Release 3.0.0 06.12.2016


1.Register By Model feature is added
Selected buildings can also be registered.
Windows can be registered without rooms if necessary.
Automatically registering building shape changes using extra polylines.
2.The building and starting floor name can be specified in a block with dynamic attributes.
3.Renumbering option for registered windows and rooms. e.g. if rooms are added or removed from buildings.
4.Reregister tick box is disabled. Moving, rotating, any changes to room/amenity polyline shape, changing the grid spacing would automatically cause reregistering of the entity on the next update.
5.New polyline is not created during Room, Amenity registration. The existing polyline is moved to new layer instead.
Note: If unregistered, the registered polylines are moved back to original layer.
e.g. If rooms in old models are unregistered, there could be duplicate room polylines. So the old original polylines should be deleted manually before unregistering.
6.Option to calculate average room reflectance for ADF using room area and wall, ceiling and floor reflectance values during registration.
7.The building, floor and room or window name combo boxes remember entries between register and update mode.
8.The model names are displayed on all dialogs’ title bar.
9.Running WALD, RGST commands when the dialogs are already open brings them on top. It didn’t do anything before.
10.WALDSCRIPT Command- Script mode of Run dialog functionality. Model gets converted first if “Auto” is ticked on Assets tab in Run dialog.
11.RPTSCRIPT Command- Script mode of Report dialog functionality. Scripts can be saved/loaded from Report dialog too.
12.PROPOSED group can be automatically created from 3D_PROPOSED_BUILDINGS layer.
13.RG_INJUNCTABLE group is created automatically for rooms that fail ROL test during report preview.
14.Option for Window Attribute
15.Option to Show room and window solids from Waldram Toolbar.
16.APSH calculation using Raycasting method (super-fast). No waldram diagram is created
17.VSC, ADF and APSH for inclined windows are calculated through Raycasting method. No diagram is created.
18.ADF calculation for Inclined Windows is calculated through Split-Flux formula.
19.ADF calculation for horizontal window(BRE & Split-Flux).
20.Shading for Raycasting images.
21.Number of hours for sunlight test can be set in Project Settings.
22.The start and end time period is set in Project Settings for Sunlight availability test.
23.Interval contours, based on min, max and step, will be created on corresponding layers.
24.ROL colour banding contour can be enabled in Project Settings XML file.
25.Default BRE settings are defined in global ProjectDetails.xml in Waldram appdata folder.
26.Project information can be specified using Replaceable tags which can be inserted in Excel template including header and footer. The tag values can be defined in Project Settings.
27.Default Report supports Self Tests
28.Conditional formatting is removed from all Excel sheets
29.Add Solids to show the results.
30.Add Labels as a registering option (settings are taken from label form).
31.Option to update Solids Automatically when calculations rerun.
32.Option to update Labels Automatically when calculations rerun.
33.Option to add Room Reference to window label.
34.Option to show Calculation points for VSC, APSH and ADF results.
35.Option to remove Calculation points completely.
36.CSV report supports Self Tests.
37.Option to Export settings using .out files from Run dialogue menubar.
38.Hyperlink to VSC and ADF diagrams in the default reports.

Bug Fixes

1.ADF calculation when window is completely below WPH.
2.Labels colour not set ByLayer.
3.Selecting windows from Label dialog taking long time.
4.Self-intersecting room polyline checking.
5.Column visibility checkboxes in User Settings->Report requiring double click to select.
6.The building and floor name combo boxes not refreshing automatically after Recreating Text files.
7.The building and floor name combobox changing values between Register and Update mode.
8.Bug on drawing contours if the area is zero.
9.Bug on CSV report where ADF room’s “required value” displays wrong value.
10.Error on CSV APSH if no room is in model
11.The installer to be compatible with Windows 10 and the Deskey version.
12.Bug on rooms with inclined windows that are split by WPH giving wrong contours.
13.Bug for “Calc Room APSH” option adding 2 extra Excel rows for room APSH regardless.
14.Bug for the broken link between the contours and the room when re-registering the room.
This has been fixed by the room not getting deleted on re-registering(feature 5).
15.Bug giving no warning if new version of windows have broken link to room.
Warning message is given on preview/exporting the report.
16.Bug where amenity calc uses default date if the date is not loaded from Xml. A warning is given now.
17.Bug on room sides getting divided evenly by the grid spacing size and the Trig.exe exception.
18.Bug fixed on Amenity calculation showing no contours as the result of re-running the amenity through “select” option in models with large coordinates.

*Release 18.05.2016

Fixed bug on ROL\DD room contours with non vertical windows

*Release 04.03.2016

Fix on hatching existing contour where proposed scenario has total loss
Fix where unregistering a room deletes all rooms contours on same floor
Fix on contours due to scaling +2 pixels on the window bounding box
Fix on room contour with window divided into sub windows
Fix on conversion process for window reference with two blank spaces
Fix on purging room layers only in opposed to whole the drawing
Fix on ADF test where the entire window is below WP height
Full row selection on register dialogue update mode
Retaining pre ROL/DD contours in RetainedContour layer
HSC for CIE overcast sky on roof lights for VSC, APSH and Sunputh tests
Reregister option for amenity
Option to show/hide image preview
CSV report option
Outputting window orientation on Excel report
Changes to default template report on VSC, APSH and DD report
Labels font option
Labels option to show failures
Scroll bar for window detilas on Rgeister dialogue room tab
Opening job folder through menu bar
Hilighting APSH common sun spots between room windows

*Release 16.12.2015

*Release 02.03.2015