MBS Daylight For Sketchup Setup exe  file  (For Sketchup 2017 or newer.)

Must run this file by Right clicking and
Selecting Run as Administrator to ensure required dependencies are installed correctly.

Remember to Select Add radiance to the System PATH for all users during Radiance installation.
Refer to the Installation Instructions FAQ for step by step instruction.

Radiance** Package is included in the installation.
**Radiance is needed for DF and Climate based calculation

License Management instructions


MBS Updater

* If left click doesn’t start the download, Please right click the link and Click Save Link As.
You may also need to click on the small arrow next to Discard button on the bottom of the browser and Click Keep

Download and install Radiance from this link: Radiance Version 5.2 Installer

Please Make sure to select “Add Radiance to the system PATH for All Users” option during installation, as in the bellow image.

Fix for PATH TOO LONG ... WARNING during the Radiance Installation

  • The warning is caused due to the Path System variable being too long.
  • The installation is successful but the path needs a manual fix.
  • The fix is to manually add the radiance install folder to the environment variables
  • Search for Edit the System Environment Variables on Windows Search bar
  • Press Environment Variables button
  • Find the Path entry on the System variables list
  • Edit and add C:\Program Files\Radiance\bin to the end of the list
  • Add a new entry for RAYPATH with C:\Program Files\Radiance\lib;.
  • Press Ok. Ok
  • open command prompt and type oconv 
    (Should get the below message if the path is set correctly)

*Release 01.03.2023

1. Added New DF, SDA, SE calculations for BS_EN17037 and EN17037.
2. Added New DF, DI calculations for BREEAM.
3. Added New SDA, ASE calculations for LEED.
4. Added New option to refresh result images with new colours for previously run calculations.
5. Added New option to filter layers of room results.
6. Improvements to the auto numbering of the windows during Register by layer.
7. Improvements to the Registration update mode.
8. Improvements to the edit building, floor, room type and property types dialogs.
9. Improvements to the room result texts layout.

*Release 05.01.2022

1. Fix to put ADF result texts in the same height as DD result texts.
2. Fix to avoid error on single window register from stopping the register by layer process.

*Release 18.10.2021

1. Fix to convert model with many texture images faster

*Release 22.04.2021

1. ADF window orientation on U-shape rooms

*Release 20.04.2021

1. Area correction for scaled faces
2. Imporvement on Window Registeration speed

*Release 11.01.2021

1. Option to pick Amenity color bandings from Facade Legends.

1. Set Amenity WPH to 0.01

*Release 11.11.2020

1. Option to identify and fix broken link between rooms & windows.
2. Option to identify and fix registered room and window faces that wrongly share same unique id.

*** Register dialogue > Errors tab

3. DAE Export option to manually export the model. Tick to export on every run.
Untick to export manually and reuse on subsequent runs.

*** Settings > General tab > Automatically Export to DAE

2. Shadow Analysis option for Facade calculation
3. Combined Shadows option on rendered images

1. Fix on better error handling on calculations
2. Fix to automatically ignore traffic light indicators during conversion if they are accidently left inside any of the groups

*Release 4.8.2020

1. Fix for vsc,apsh offset to be same as older version.
2. Fix for facade texture images and window register check to ignore invalid persistent id error.
3. Fix to show current version of software and to check if updates are available on Update dialog start up.

*Release 29.7.2020

1. New option to move traffic light indicator to 1.6 from window sill in case of full height windows.

1. Fix for amenity facade legend to show the facade area and achieved % values correctly.
2. Fix for csv reports to come sorted by building, floor and then the entity names.
3. Fix for adf below area to come correctly for some faces.
4. Fix for incorrect month on rendering file names and display.
5. Fix for amenity and room grid spacing to increase automatically if given spacing fails to create grid points.

*Release 1.7.2020

1. Improvements to user interface.
2. Registration
a. New option to register windows/rooms/amenities on same Layer (Tag on SU 2020).
b. New option to query registered entities.
c. New option to unregister registered entities.
d. New option to update building and floor name of selected entities.
e. New option to rename building and floor names.
f. Improvements to renumbering of registered entities.
3. Calculation
a. New room face calculations ADF and DD (No Skyline).
b. New Amenity calculation of faces.
c. New option to run calculation of entities on Layer (Tag on SU 2020).
d. New option to run one or more calculations from the new dialog.
e. New option to specify room type for ADF and DD calculations.
4. Facade
a. Improvements to Facade analysis for results to come as the face material instead of a separate face.
b. New option to filter facade results by calculation type and group from the new dialog.
5. Licensing
a. Plugin can be installed on multiple computers.
b. It can be used on any one of the computers as long as it is not being used on another computer at the same time.
c. 30 min cooling off period applies once the license is used in one computer.
6. Sketchup 2016 is no longer supported.

1. Fix to use 1.5 degree tolerance for vertical faces during VSC, APSH calculation to consider models which are slightly tilted.

*Release 17.12.2019


1. New option to remove all renumbered names
2. Moved renumbered name part to new layer named indicatorNames
3. Changed text offset value to be specified in meters

1. Fix to use orange color for near pass on Proposed only results as well. It used to be applied on ratio only
2. Fix for shadow colouring on local shading option
3. Fix to copy climate files to local appdata folder after new installation
4. Fix to hide existing result texts when running Proposed only analysis

*Release 13.06.2019


1. New option to assign custom Building, Floor and Window Name to the registered windows.
2. New option to set Analysis type for project to be Neighbour or Proposed Scheme which replace old Group options Both or Proposed.
3. Option to choose whether to ignore north facing windows or not for neighbour analysis. Proposed scheme analysis will always show north facing windows.
4. Option to run Daylight calculation for APSH, VSC or both.
5. Two separate layers (indicatorAPSH and indicatorVSC) for indicators VSC and APSH components so that they can be turn off when not needed.
6. Additional layers for indicator text results based on calculation and analysis type.
7. Option to offset indicator text results location.
8. Migration from 32Bit to 64Bit process.
9. Support for textures images on the model.
10. BRE Legend option for Facade analysis for VSC, APSH calculations.
11. Option to remove false ground during rendering.

*Release 10.09.2018


1. Facade analysis for VSC, APSH and Amenity (2 hour overshadowing test) calculations
2. Transient shadow analysis
3. APSH calculation using more accurate weather data
4. CSV reports for VSC and APSH window calculations
5. Support for Inclined and Horizontal windows
6. Shading on images instead of monochrome colors
7. Brought back option to generate APSH waldram images
8. New online licensing system. Easier activation process and simple steps to move license to another computer
9. Checking and updating the software without re-installing when new updates are available
10. Support for multiple users to use the plugin without having to reinstall
11. Option to change image format for waldram diagrams
12. Traffic light settings is moved to main settings dialog

Bug Fixes

1. Fix for intermittent rendering issue if a face surrounds the analysed window
2. Fix for support using texture images on faces. It will be replaced by fixed color based on group
3. Fix for out of memory error on large models
4. Fix to give alert if model is not saved before running daylight analysis

Known Issues

1. The sketchup window preview disappears and seems like not responding when the calculation is ongoing. It will resume perfectly once the calculation is done
2. The calculation window doesn’t show any text on Windows 7. It will close once the calculation finishes.