Context 3D Models

Working with our partner AccuCities, we offer stereo photogrammetry capture services of almost any site in the UK.
Many cities are already in our library and custom 3D models can be produced in as little as 5 days.

We produce 3D city models of any site in the UK, using the latest high-resolution aerial imagery to capture 3D models of as-built environments, accurate to 15cm in all axes. 
Georeferenced 3D models can be further enhanced with 3D scans

Benefits of AccuCities 3D context models

  • Fast, accurate and affordable
  • Great for initial façade analysis
  • Comes positioned to Ordnance Survey coordinates
  • Delivered as a solid model, makes it easy to add openings and rooms
  • The terrain is also a solid, which makes terrain manipulation simple
  • Application-ready for MBS software solutions